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In our 32 years we have helped hundreds of clients sell their home's for the highest price achievable as quickly as possible. Explore our recently sold homes below.  

Our Marketing Plan Get Your Home's Value

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1018 Nightfall Ct           San Jose, CA 95120

List Price: $2,875,000 Sale Price: $3,025,000

Combining hyper-local marketing with strategic online campaigns, along with stunning photography, I achieved phenomenal results for my clients. This comprehensive approach garnered thousands of online views and nearly a hundred showings in less than a week. The heightened exposure resulted in multiple offers on the property. Leveraging my adept negotiating skills, I successfully closed the deal, selling the home for an astounding $150,000 over the list price. Throughout this process, I maintained transparent communication and ensured the seller's involvement, guaranteeing a seamless and rewarding selling experience. 

Resort Style Almaden Home in Shadow Brook!

6750 Heathfield Dr      San Jose, CA 95120

List Price: $1,998,000 Sale Price: $2,225,000

Experience the transformative power of our Compass Concierge Program, as exemplified by our seller's journey. Faced with the daunting task of selling her cherished family home, she turned to us for support. Taking advantage of our Concierge program, where Compass fronts up to $40,000, we orchestrated a comprehensive renovation effort, bringing together contractors, painters, stagers, landscapers, and our own expertise over two intense months. After transforming her home, we implemented a strategic marketing approach that generated around a hundred showings, culminating in multiple offers and an astounding offer that exceeded the list price by $227,000! This stands as a testament to the program's effectiveness in maximizing value and the Tenczar Team's top-notch negotiating skills.

This success story is more than just financial gains; it's about partnership, resilience, and turning challenges into opportunities. If you're navigating the complexities of selling your home, let us guide you. With our dedicated support and innovative solutions, we'll help you achieve remarkable results in the ever-changing real estate landscape.

Beautiful Shadow Brook Home in Almaden!

 5451 Colony Dr             San Jose CA 95123       

List Price: $875,000 Sale Price: $906,000

As a dedicated realtor, I recently had the pleasure of assisting my nervous seller through the daunting process of selling their home before purchasing another.  Recognizing their apprehension, I devised a comprehensive plan to address their concerns and ensure a seamless transition. Leveraging strategic pricing and robust marketing efforts, I garnered multiple offers for their property, ultimately securing an impressive $31,000 above the list price. Additionally, I skillfully negotiated a beneficial arrangement of two months of free rent back, affording the seller ample time to find their next home without the pressure of a rushed move. By orchestrating this successful transaction, I not only assuaged the seller's worries but also facilitated a lucrative outcome that exceeded their expectations.

Amazing Colony Green Townhouse!

1161 Crestline Dr Cupertino, CA 95014

List Price: $1,998,000 Sale Price: $2,260,000

With compassion and expertise, we embarked on a mission to assist a cherished senior citizen, who had lovingly owned her family home for over five decades despite limited resources. Drawing upon our wealth of experience, we carefully assessed her property and devised a plan to optimize its value through strategic upgrades while respecting its original charm. After meticulous planning, we strategically priced the home, setting the stage for an unprecedented level of interest. Our efforts yielded remarkable results as the property attracted a multitude of showings, sparking a flurry of multiple offers. In a triumph for our client, the home sold for a staggering $262,000 over the list price, a testament to our astute pricing strategy and diligent negotiations. Recognizing the importance of a seamless transition, we negotiated a 60-day free rent back agreement, affording our client ample time to move to her new abode. Furthermore, leveraging our extensive network of real estate professionals, we facilitated a connection with a trusted agent in her desired area, ensuring she found the perfect home close to her family. In this transformative journey, we not only maximized the value of her cherished property but also facilitated a smooth transition to a new chapter in her life, marked by comfort, security, and closeness to loved ones.

 369 Gardenia Dr            San Jose, CA 95123

Sale Price: $1,850,000

After experiencing disappointment with a previous Realtor, our client turned to us at Compass for a fresh perspective on selling their home. Recognizing the need for a different approach, we enrolled them in our exclusive Compass concierge program, which allowed for strategic modifications to enhance the property's appeal. With these improvements in place, we devised a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to highlight the home's unique features. Through targeted promotion and expert negotiation skills, we successfully secured a favorable offer, ultimately exceeding our client's expectations. Our commitment to innovation and personalized service ensures that each seller receives the attention and results they deserve.

Gorgeous Palmia home in Blossom Valley

2851 Aragon Way          San Jose, CA 95125

List Price: $1,698,000 Sale Price: $1,800,000

In the midst of challenging circumstances, a seller sought our assistance in completing the final touches on a remodel. Initially doubtful of the timelines we proposed, they eventually entrusted us with the project. To their surprise and delight, we flawlessly executed the timeline with transparency and ease, delivering results that exceeded their expectations. Through our effective marketing strategies and strong negotiation skills, we attracted multiple offers, ultimately securing a remarkable offer that surpassed the list price by $102,000. The seller was thoroughly impressed by the outcome, finding both satisfaction and admiration in the seamless process and outstanding results achieved.

Exceptional Willow Glen Contemporary Home

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